Our OEM ODM eye Makeup includes mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner in cream, pencil or stick to add depth and dimension to the eyes with the safest formulas. Eye makeup is made to make the eyes look noticeable and attractive.  At Global Cosmetics we develop we are experts on the creamy. For these reason we develop only cream eye makeup. Our eyeliner pens, eyebrow gel pots  and eye shadows come in the most convenient packaging for a safe and smooth application.


Each eye makeup product is made relying on organic and natural raw materials that would complement the skin complexion. As this product is so close to the eyes our R&D team is required to develop 100% safe formulas. At Global Cosmetics we assure formulas that are non-irritant, soft and bacteria-free.


Mascara We create mascaras in both a cream and a liquid state. Our special ingredients provide a firm, precise and controlled application. The formulation is based on different pigments and colors, including the latest trends of colorful and shimmering palettes. We guarantee formulas that ensure safe application with zero irritability and no harm to the eye or eyelash area.


Eye Color Our eye shadows in cream, pencils or tubes are intended to apply color in the eyes creating a visual transformation effect. We realize the sensitivity and the extra care required for the eyelids and the area under the eyebrows, that is why our products are tested to work safely specifically on this area of the face. Our eye shadow contains ingredients that can be applied in a controlled manner without secondary effects. We formulate using the latest market trends, with organic and natural sources and also with the latest color and texture styles .


Eyeliner We develop eyeliners in both a cream and a liquid state. Since they are used to accent and highlight the appearance of the eyes, we emphasize on the care of the eyelids and also on the development of formulas that are safe when used on the sensitive skin in areas close to the eye. Our ingredients are based on water and sourced with the latest assessment of security using the latest color palettes and packaging trends.

Trend / Analysis

Different types of eye makeup products such as mascaras, eye shadows and eyeliners are manufactured in a variety of shades and grades. The growing demand for eye makeup products on sales channels like social media or e-commerce are giving accessibility to a wide range of branded products. 

When it comes to packaging the market is interested on all on-the-go products. As consequence, eye makeup made on stick, pots or bars are having a huge impact. In other hand, formulations made with with mineral are a huge hype as they provide high coverage and are suitable for all skin types. Last, the development of functional items directed to more specific activities like sports, work, leisure and how each item is done for one kind of environments is calling for more specific criteria when manufacturing these products. 

How we do it

At Global Cosmetics we focus on two things while developing our eye makeup products. First, safety as we know how delicate the eye area is. For this reason all product is manufactured with specific guidelines to be applied on the eyelids, eyebrows and close to the eyeball area. Second,  natural raw materials as we care about the after effect of the product. During manufacture we provide a wide variety of colors and packaging that can turn a simple formula into a fun, easy and safe product.

Stages of product-manufacturing


pcs MOQs per product


pcs daily production capacity

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