The Bespoke model just means we create your very own beauty products, and craft the formula through innovation rather than a predetermined template. 


Not only will you get our full one stop-service; consulting, market research and trend analysis, but our team of dedicated cosmetic scientist will create a formula you can be proud of with ingredients you can respect.


We source only the richest and safest ingredients and create your product and its packaging for you. All the while we will advise, and share innovation and potential within the market. With our expertise we navigate the ins and outs of safe and legal formulation as well as give you a full breadth of the market demands, and forbidden ingredients to avoid.


Bespoke products will need time to test run a battery of certification tests for safety and quality before then can ship to market. Products that require claims or need to be tested for efficacy on the skin may take more than one year to develop as formulation effectiveness depends on the active ingredients.


Bespoke is perfect for businesses and brands looking to own their own formulations and that want to create innovative products that are uniquely their own. Long lead times are a must, so runway options and market capitalization is a must.

We do not do medical or pharmaceutical products; all our formulations focus on the cosmetic scope.


We are here for all your business needs and questions.

Please feel free to contact us on your queries and we will get back within 24 hours.

Our Services

Our business process include customer service, technical support, packaging engineering, formulation development and testing compliance for cosmetics.
Global Cosmertics OEM Process provides in-house products, finished packaging, pre-done services and high speed delivery to start your own cosmetic brand.
Global cosmetics ODM process provide you excellent service, quality product development and cost-effective project management to create your own cosmetics.
At Global Cosmetics we have a wide range of partners. Our customers include Sephora, NEXT, M&S and several small, medium and big enterprises.