Moisturizer not only increase the skin’s water content, they also protect the skin and encourage an orderly shedding process that makes the skin smoother. Most moisturizers contain a number of basic ingredients to do this magical job. These ingredient can be water, occlusive, humectants, emollients or soothing agents. 


All moisturizer are prepared using special chemical agents to exfoliate, repair and enhance the skin tissue appearance.  A basic moisturizer helps hold water in the skin’s outer layers. Emollients fill in tiny crevices between surfaces to keep the skin smooth. As consequence, humectants draw water to the outermost layer of your skin for a dewy glow.

A moisturizing cream has diverse applications and is primarily used for various purposes including skin treatment, tissue cuts repair, anti-aging, and others. A wide range of moisturizing cream formulas are available for various skin type. Depending on the skin type, it may not be needed to moisturize your face or other areas as often as others. Furthermore, moisturizing routine could change based on the time of year and the environment.

Trend / Analysis

There are numerous moisturizers on the market that are formulated to treat many different skin types, for example normal, dry, oily and sensitive. Some moisturizers are very simple and cost-effective, yet can play a vital role in a healthy daily grooming routine. Other moisturizers include some very high-end ingredients and have tremendous treatment effects.

How we do it

Global stays up to date with the latest advances in skincare technology and have the newest selection of raw materials. Most importantly, our staff has the experience to know what materials work well together to give you the most cost-effective and top-performing product. We also have experience combining moisturizers with various treatments for high-end dual-purpose products. Also, we can combine our formulations with SPF protection, rejuvenating treatments, organic ingredients and more. 

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