Makeup Remover Manufacturing

Our OEM/ODM makeup remover is manufactured with ingredients suitable to remove many types of makeup. We can develop organic, natural, and safe makeup removers. 

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OEM/ODM Manufacturing Capabilities

From our factories to your customers, our ODM/OEM makeup remover manufacturing creates a supply chain you can trust to cover your needs. 

Types & Styles

Liquid Makeup Remover

Liquid makeup remover is formulated to come on smooth. Made from Micellar Water and other ingredients. These liquids protect and nourish skin to make the best makeup removers money can buy.

Makeup Remover Balm

Makeup remover balm uses oils and emollients to break down makeup, dirt, SPF, sweat, excess oils, and other impurities on the skin. Usually in a solid or buttery form which turns to oil once warmed up on the skin and emulsifies when you add water.

Makeup Remover Oil

Makeup remover oil comes in different blends that come together before cleansing to thoroughly loosen dirt, sunscreen, and stubborn makeup. Leaves skin clean, dewy, and hydrated.

And that’s just a few of our selections. Want to see more?

Our Commitment to Service

We are an ODM/OEM manufacturer with some of the best research teams in the beauty business. Our Bespoke and Off-The-Shelf products come dressed to impressed. Whether it is our quality services and customization or award-winning research and product development, Global Cosmetics has got you covered.

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