Our OEM ODM Makeup Remover is manufacture with ingredients suitable to remove many types of makeup. We develop organic, natural and safe makeup removers. Our formulas are intended to help easily remove makeup. They make sure it is easily wiped off using a tissue, cotton or other types of cloth. Also, we ensure that potentially harmful microorganisms cannot grow or multiply on the skin. Global Cosmetic safety is based on the right selection of ingredients two assure two things. First, the product is safe for the skin without causing irritation or allergic reaction. Second, we make sure it takes off all kinds of cosmetics formulation from the skin.


Makeup removers must be done through strict adherence to the principles of quality assurance. Also, good manufacturing practices including skin testing and shelf-life stability testing. There are several types of makeup removers including pads, water, balms, oils, creams, and foams.  At Global, we strive to develop makeup removers that are 100% trustful. Products  to clean dirt, excess oil and having the capability to develop easy-to-clean makeup or long lasting formulas. Our specific makeup remover formulations make use of unique organic and natural ingredients with added properties.

With this being said, it is important for us to clarify that removers aren’t going to cleanse the skin. For instance, removers only help to pull off the layer of makeup from it. On the other hand, eyes and face are two separated things. As a result  we develop eye makeup removers and skin makeup removers with components that are special for each area. Most makeup removers are made of oil, water and other substances that must be chosen wisely.  We make two kinds of removers. First, the ones for the face to completely clean the old cuticle, surplus and the dirt in the pores. Second, the ones for the eye area that has a good effect without disrupting the skin’s balance and pH.

Trend / Analysis

The color cosmetics industry across the globe is undergoing a positive change with the introduction of new cosmetic products by cosmetic manufacturers. It has prompted the use of various makeup products for the eyes, the lips, and the face in general, but mostly for the long-lasting and waterproof. The trend of looking attractive, professional and charming along with increasing expenditure has triggered the use of cosmetic products. This is allowing the manufacturers to focus on re-innovating their products. As the makeup market has shown a positive expansion, the need for makeup removers has also increased.

How we do it

The removal of makeup by the end of the day is essential to restore original skin properties and avoid skin disorders. The chemical content in cosmetic products makes it imperative to ensure effective removal of the makeup after use. At Global, we provide product ingredients suitable to remove many types of makeup. Some of the products used on the face can clog pores if left overnight, so we work based on the latest data and research to provide natural and quick bedtime cleansing rituals. We create products that can easily cleanse makeup and give a beautiful finishing touch to the skin.

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