Our OEM ODM Makeup Complexion is made to color and highlight the skin. We develop concealers, contouring and highlighting in cream, sticks or liquid from. Each one of them can be applied directly on the skin with or without foundation. Above all these products are created to conceal, cover up and provide shape and scale to the face imperfections. They typically work by applying color to the skin or through other effects such as the reflection of light or the shininess of the skin. We develop products that can be applied with brush, cloth or spray.


Our complexion products provide a complete, natural-looking coverage for a wide range of skin tones. We look  to provide cover to the skin imperfections no matter how minimal or wide-spread they are. Our correction formulas are special for dark circles, age spots, large pores, scars, covering a diverse type of skins and all kind of visible blemishes. We develop light, medium and thick textures with a soft long-lasting effect using raw materials and different pigments  that blend softly.


Concealer our concealers give a firm and complete color correction, similar to foundation but thicker and we also create different pigments. At Global Cosmetics we understand the importance of a well blended skin in order to give the best canvas for the makeup routine. Concealers tend to be more heavily pigmented than other complexion products. Being used with or without foundation our products are easy to use with extremely good blemish-covering. We focus on liquid and creams created using the latest trends. Also, the use of raw materials organic and natural sourced. 


Contour we create liquid, cream, or stick products with different shades making sure to provide a long lasting application. Always guaranteeing the right tones for each kind of skin color. Customers want to define or reshape their faces with the simplest terms and enhance the structure of the face in an easy way. For this reason, we create products that are super easy to blend, with safe formulations for the eyes and nose, following the latest trends in terms of application, packaging and formulations.


Highlighter creating the illusion of brightness and height, we manufacture highlighters that are easy to use. Therefore, our fine packaging, shimmers, tan and brightening  styles are perfect. We focus on sticks, creams and pencils that are quick, on-the-go and easy to apply.

Trend / Analysis

With the augmenting trend for groomed personality and polished looks, the demand for facial complexion makeup is increasing significantly. Current styles based on creams and color correcting sticks are driving the market. Based on the type of the product, concealer, contouring and highlighter in creams and in palettes are the most trending ones.  Furthermore, different designs like on sticks, on gel posts and also on tubes are changing the way these products are manufactures. Recently we have witnessed a strong interest for packaging used for on-the-go priorities. Last, formulations created for specific performance like long lasting or gym training are changing the way they are used.

How we do it

When manufacturing complexion products we focus on creating something useful and long-lasting. Always aim for easy application and quality raw materials. Our strength on sourcing allow us to produce liquid concealers, concealer sticks, cream concealers, shimmer highlighters, cream highlighters, sticks and several types of products. In addition our formulas can include organic materials, strong blemish covering, SPF, hydration and other added benefits to the skin. All of them are created to take care of the skin while providing a smooth canvas for makeup.

Stages of product-manufacturing


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