Our OEM ODM perfume and fragrances are manufacture influenced by unpredictable, organic, trending and continuously improving formulas. Using fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds. Back in history perfumes were made of distilled flowers, natural oils, and calamus with other aromatics. First filtered and then put back in the still several times. Nowadays the perfume industry is one of the biggest in the world, with refined formulations and advanced engineering.  Our fragrant compounds are top-selling products. Each scent makes you fall in love at first spritz.


Perfumes tend to be volatile liquids distilled from flowers or prepared synthetically. Today, thanks to technology are being made and used in different ways. Usually are manufactured from natural ingredients. But in the past years, the trend of synthetic chemicals used to re-create the smell of substances not found in nature stared to grow. As consequence, more fragrances are being manufactured with synthetic chemicals rather than natural oils. Less concentrated forms of perfume are also becoming increasingly popular in the market. However, customers are interested in smells from natural sources. For these reasons, as a key player, we are constantly looks for exciting, unique, and new fragrances.

Trend / Analysis

The global fragrance and perfumes market is valued at USD 52.7 billion based on the last research of Global Industry Analysts, Inc. The key players in the fragrance and perfume market are concentrating on natural-based fragrances, instead of synthetic-based ingredients due to the growing awareness about the risk of allergies and toxins. The awareness for natural and organic based fragrances is generating increasing interest in the benefits and daily use of perfume products.

The trend of aromatherapy and all research based on the science of aromas are changing the market’s approach. This is driving the market to create something more innovate and natural. For instance, oriental, water and citrus-influenced fragrances still being the favorites. 


How we do it

At Global, we are aware of the high competence on fragrances. We know companies need high standards and market knowledge to develop and launch a product that can be a trendsetter. That is to say, our R&D and marketing teams work on the latest innovations and new compositions of formulations. Above all we posses a strong knowledge of market regulations and and environmental issues related to it.  We aim to forge fragrances that are ethical and special.

Stages of product-manufacturing


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