Our Body Mist is manufactured with toxin-free materials and safe regulations to be applied directly on the skin preferably after showering or bathing. Much lighter and softer than perfumes is made to hydrate the skin. The level of fragrance concentration of this product is much lighter but the manufacturing still requiring safety procedures. Among all the fragrance products, this is a complementary scent that provides a light and breezy touch to the skin.


A quality body mist is a soft fragrance that can indulge your senses. There is a wide variety of sizes in the market mostly for an “on-the-go” refreshing application. It can come in spray but the new technologies bring also a roll-on and stick form.  Latest trends include refreshing, soothing, and organic ingredients to make your skin feel hydrated. In addition, the use of essential oils is also trend as it balances the pH of the skin making it dewy and scented.

Trend / Analysis

Beauty and cosmetic companies in the body mist market are increasingly focusing on e-commerce channels to boost the reach as well as the popularity of their products.  Only recently, body mists  have evolved as a unique category in the personal care products. This market is making substantial strides propelled by the rising demand for affordable personal care products. Furthermore, the category of fragrances its famous for  daily, on-the-go and easy-to-carry use.

The focus on the use of organic ingredients to develop refreshing aromas to stimulate the senses has been gathering momentum. Subsequently diverse kind of style like tubes, bars and sticks is evolving the way body mist is used. 

How we do it

Global has the expertise and manufacturing strength to manage the whole process of fine fragrance manufacturing and development. First, with concept design, raw material selection and different bottles and packaging for our customers.  Second, our marketing team has a vast knowledge about the latest innovations regarding to market regulations and shipping.  Last, while recognizing the demand of this market we still being able to develop an outstanding product.

Stages of product-manufacturing


pcs MOQs per product


pcs daily production capacity

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