Our OEM ODM Foundation is manufacture focusing on skin type, skin tone and skin complexion. We  develop oil-free liquid, moisturizing or hydrating formulas. Foundations are the best long term partners when talking about color cosmetics. Made to uniform the color of the skin and the complexion to create an even effect and cover flaws. Depending on the kind of formulation it can contain moisturizer, sunscreen, astringent or base layer. Our Foundations help other products such as blush, concealer or highlighters to spread smoothly on the skin acting as a base for full makeup application.


Makeup foundation is a cosmetic product that acts as a base and prepares the face for makeup. It helps to even out the skin tone and make it smooth and uniform by covering light blemishes and scars. However, it does not cover all the blemishes alone. Concealer is used in combination with foundation to completely hide all the scars and blemishes.

At Global Cosmetics we focus on several formulations. Liquid, cream, mousse, whipped, tinted, spray, waterproof or sticks. For us, is important to choose the one that best adapts to each skin tone and skin type so it looks natural. We work on a variety of shadows. Furthermore we work on features like luminescence, SPF, oil-based, water-based, hydration, total coverage, concealer, contour and highlighter. We work to create the perfect makeup foundation guaranteeing long-lasting and innovative formulations.

Trend / Analysis

The face make-up market is strongly influenced by foundations, concealers and primers. Innovations in foundation manufacturing include formulas to create perfect complexion. Also,  the demand for natural and easy to use treatments all-in-one and easy-to-use. Available in the form of cream, liquid, stick and other forms, foundations are promoted as a “must” base make up. With different formulas and finishing effects, many shades and innovative packaging  foundations are a never-to-miss product on color cosmetics.

How we do it

When creating foundations, using the right shade is really important for us. The wrong foundation can look unnatural on the skin and it won’t create the proper canvas for the rest of the cosmetics. While developing foundation formulas, our R&D team focuses on the skin type, the skin tone, and skin complexion. We strive to develop oil-free liquid, moisturizing or hydrating creams or sticks which are  hypoallergenic and scent-free with full, partial or medium coverage and SPF content. Our approach to foundations is unique because we take on challenges and innovations. Global Cosmetics incorporates the best of science and nature through our ingredients, state-of-the-art technology and advanced scientific formulations.

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