Our OEM ODM blush manufacture comes in the form of wax, sticks or creams containing safe and natural ingredients with innovative raw materials.  Also called Rouge, this is a product that accent and highlight the cheekbones. New innovations can cover up skin imperfections and enhance the facial features. Our formulations include different styles, shapes and a wide array of colors.  In addition, we have develop a library of colors, shades and trends. Global cosmetics blushes can be blended and applied with the fingers, brushes or sponges.


Blush is a soft pigment available in creams meant to mimic the natural flush of the face. This product has the power of making the skin look healthy and vibrant by being blended on the cheeks. Depending on the formula, the blush might need to be used with foundation or without it. Our blushes are created to resemble a natural look, including interesting colors, oils and moisturizing agents. From hue to dark we develop all kinds of tones, with ultra-blend finishing and HD technology. Our rouges combine with the natural color of the skin as they are formulated with the perfect balance of oils, waxes, and powders 

Trend / Analysis

Consumers across the globe are jumping on the latest makeup trends including contouring and strobing. Most of the new innovations on blushes are ramping up sales when they come in cream or stick forms. The worry about the perfect skin complexion plus the push of social media are spiking the sales for cheek tints and blush creams.  However, most of the customers are interested into all natural and organic formulations. As consequence,  the market is experiencing a strong demand for organic products & products produced in a sustainable manner.

How we do it

Global Cosmetics prides itself on delivering clean beauty products that work with a fresh matte finish. Looking to provide delicate and silky textures all in a product that is easy to carry. Our blush is formulated with naturally derived fruit extracts, oils, and organic raw materials which allow it to be applied as a sheer stain. Also, we source innovative packaging that allows it to be layered with brush, fingers or sponge for a bold effect . We formulate our blushes with powerful antioxidants to nourish, protect and give the skin a natural look. 

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