Protective Products

Providing a wide range of the highest quality and most cost-effective products to support your efforts to promote safety at home and outside of it. All our PPE products are economical, convenient, and safe. Hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and antibacterial skincare are all now a part of our everyday life. Now more than ever, we manufacture cosmetics that keeps customers safety as top priority.

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Hand Sanitizer

Our Global Cosmetics Hand Sanitizer can be manufactured in gel or WHO version, this hand sanitizer uses Aloe Vera and key ingredients to keep your hands moisturized and protected. With an alcohol content of 75% it kills 99.9% germs and bacteria.

Protective Products

Sanitizer Alcohol Spray

Our unscented Sanitizer Alcohol Spray is gentle yet effective making it a top choice as a pure sanitizer liquid. This nontoxic formula is made according to strict standards with 75% alcohol. Enjoy superior germ protection thanks to our antigerm formula paired with Aloe Vera extract to provide you full moisture.

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Scented Sanitizers

Cleanse your hands instantly with our rinse-free hand cleansing gels. Manufactured in different sizes this super formula is fresh with addictive scents. Global Cosmetics Scented Sanitizers are specially made to create the perfect mix for soft, clean and disinfected hands.

Protective Products

Hand Wash

Global Cosmetics Hand Wash kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. This mild formula boast a 75% alcohol content and antibacterial properties; infused with Aloe Vera extract making sure to give you protection and helping you to get a  natural healthy skin. 

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Antiseptic Cream

Global Cosmetics Antiseptic Cream have a dynamic formulation that protects body and hands. Including a mild cream texture this range of products are manufactured to leave the skin fresh, calm and comfortable after application. Each skincare savoir is packed with anti bacterial that kills 99/9% of germs supporting happy, healthy looking results on every use.

Our Products

Our ODM OEM Gift Set is made for special occasions with unique products. Our sets are made to look attractive and designed to be given as a gift.
Our OEM ODM fragrances trends include organic raw materials, sustainable development, personalization, travel-size products and home perfume.
Our Color Cosmetics manufacture include foundation, eye makeup, cushion cream, blush, eye brow, skin complexion products, nail polish and remover.
Our OEM ODM skin care includes toner, sunscreen SPF, serum, moisturizer, facial sheet mask, exfoliate, cleanser, make up remover, oils and face masks.
Global Cosmetics Toiletries are personal care items used for hygiene or grooming. From body wash to spray shampoo our development practices are the highest.
Global Cosmetics is a cosmetic manufacturer specialized on lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balm and lip scrub with the latest technology.

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