Our OEM ODM Nail Polish Remover manufacture focus on creating non-acetone, alcohol-free nail polish removers in bottles, compressed liquids, pens or pads. Polish removers are designed to soften polishes, treatments or hardeners so that the coating on the nail can be easily removed. A remover is an organic solvent that may also include oils, scents, and coloring. 


When a polish remover is applied to a polished finger or toe-nail, it breaks down the polish and liquefies it. Then, it dissolves the polish from the nail and in doing so, it removes the polish. Nail polish remover in the form of a liquid has become the most popular product along the years. However, manufacturers are expanding this product portfolio with a variety of organic and non-organic ingredients which help in removing nail polish in a shorter time while taking care of the nail cuticle. The changing lifestyle and increasing awareness among consumers about the use of natural organic and less toxic cosmetic products have been boosting the promotion and sales of organic nail polish removers.

Also, the development of specific qualities like special formulas designed to remove shimmer or formulations for customers who are allergic to chemicals are creating new innovations. The latest acetone-free formulas in the market are enriched with horsetail extract to strengthen nails and fortified with vitamin E or aloe to soothe and protect the nails. Acetone can be harsh on the skin and nails but it is still one of the most famous formulations used in nail removers.

Trend / Analysis

Brands are developing new products for nail care and nail polish users are also becoming aware of the use of chemicals. Hence, manufacturers are using natural ingredients such as turmeric, milk, oils, and others in their products focusing on offering hydrating, smoothing, and strengthening nail products. Along with the new type of nail polish, manufacturers are also focusing on developing new nail polish removals that don’t damage the nails. There has been an increasing focus on the use of the oil soy-based formula and the water-based formula as an ingredient. The availability of non-toxic solutions for nail care is driving the market forward. With the growing concerns for healthy nails, customers are using non-toxic and natural solutions to protect their nails.

How we do it

Our removers have the ability to wipe polish away while restoring moisture and nutrients to dried-out nails. When developing an acetone-based polish remover we look into improving the strength of the nails by adding special oils and additives to our formulation like glycerin, vitamins, and proteins.  At Global, we also focus on creating non-acetone, alcohol-free nail polish removers in bottles, compressed liquids, pens or pads.

Stages of product-manufacturing

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