Our OEM ODM Lipsticks are made of dyes and pigments in a fragrance oil-wax base. We manufacture different bespoke and private label lipstick formulas.  As cosmetic manufacturers we work with the latest components using oils such as mineral, castor or lanolin.  Furthermore we create functional formulas and colors with different active ingredients. During the product development, we make sure to assist you in picking the safest and latest styles.

Trend / Analysis

The new generation of customers have a deep interest on healthy ingredients. Materials like organic oils, natural colors, weird shapes and healthy standards are preferences. As a result, the lipsticks market is very interested on formulations. We can notice it by the high quantity of brands on social media launching products every week.

Also, customers are paying more attention to environmental qualities and product testing. Comparing with previous generations, Millennials and Gen Z have a strong consciousness on appearance. People want makeup that emphasizes natural beauty.  Some trends like no-gender styles or specific themes like “nude” are only a few of the new tendencies on lip care. Influencers and e-commerce on social  media  are helping small brands on the rise to slowly acquire share on the lipstick market. 

How we do it

Our OEM ODM lipsticks exceeds the expectations of the market demands. We are committed to providing excellent ranges of lipstick textures, colors, and formulas. All lipsticks are done by the highest standards, using quality raw materials and the latest technologies. In addition, we provide premium quality, long lasting features, diverse textures and an endless range of colors with your favorite looks and shapes.

  • First, the basic ingredients are separately melted. Hence, the oil is melted apart from the wax mixture and solvents. The containers, where the mixtures are melted in, are made from ceramics or stainless steel.
  • Then, the pigments are then added to the melted mixture of solvents and oils and the result is mixed with the melted wax.
  • Second, the mixture of pigments and melted oils, solvents and wax are poured into tubular-shaped molds. Then, after the mixture is cooled, it is separated from the molds. We have a selection of mold collection from stainless steel to silicone molds.
  • Last, the final phase of the manufacturing process deals with the packaging of the final product, which can be automated.

Stages of product-manufacturing

Global Cosmetics Cosmetic Manufacturer Lipstick 1024x588 - N2 - Cherry Nude

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