About us

The History

Global Cosmetics is a OEM ODM Cosmetic Manufacture company based on respect, fun and research about cosmetics, lipsticks and skincare products.

It all began with the rise of the cultural revolution, therefore the dream of a young female founder Judy Lau. She had to battle through severe poverty,  in a time when China’s economy was undeveloped, however she survived. For instance, her life changed critically when she found hope sailing to Canada. Then she discovered her profound love for beauty and cosmetics. Through hardship and perseverance, she learnt everything she could about the cosmetics world in the West. After that she accomplish her ultimate dream, to bring a OEM ODM cosmetic manufacture company alive.

After moving back home, she founded Global Cosmetics in 2004. Taking care of her own people and furthermore assembling her manufacturing facilities. In short Ms. Lau dominated the cosmetics industry. During an era when gender inequality triumphed masculinity over femininity she became the modern pioneer of female entrepreneurship.

The greatest company values she passed on to her next generations are character and faith. In other words,  based on strong family values and leadership, Global Cosmetics ensures long term of continuity and consistent loyalty to her core values.

” I dream to empower people with the best beauty products globally.”

– Judy Lau, 1999.C

About us

The Future

In Global Cosmetics in order to sustain our company values and competitive edge we strive to have fun doing OEM ODM cosmetic  manufacture.  One of the best things my mother has passed on to me is the legacy of true humanity in creating a beautiful world.

Human history has taught us that the skies are limitless, and as a team we will always challenge the status quo by putting our partnerships and projects first. However, we do it with fun.  We are here to be an example, as a role model, by guiding and leading with our expertise. This is what makes us unique, and these are all the strong philosophies inherited since the start of the company.

By adopting these foundations, we create an environment for our Global team and our Global clients, where your needs would be understood, your voices would be heard, and where we make your dreams come true.

– Vice President of Global Cosmetics Group

Patrick Leung

Company Overview


Our vision is to “Create a Beautiful World”

Mission & Values

Our purpose is to empower people to uplift their lives by providing beauty brands the creation of quality and authentic cosmetics products.


Your dream is our possibility, inquire us today and let us help bring your products alive.

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