10 Beauty Trends To Follow On 2020

A new year is here and also a new decade. To celebrate, we have new inspiring products that can enhance not only the skin but the spirit of the people using them. Hair, makeup, nails, skin. There will be innovative trends to come not only from the product perspective but also from the packaging and the personality of the customers. Here 10 Beauty trends you can’t miss to manufacture a hit product!

  • Actives

Brands are currently taking more pride of their active ingredients, specially to promote clean skincare and an ultimate flawless look on the skin. On 2019 we saw a huge number of brands in social media busting the benefits of BHA, AHA, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B3 and other actives. Breana Wheeler MSN at Facile Dermatology + Boutique says that “we will see more active, effective ingredients in skincare products, especially from some of the popular clean skincare companies that have had a rise in the past year”. Brands like Herbivore, SkinCeutical, The ordinary are taking the lead into the GenZ and Millennials categories, the first 2 markets to expend and consume more on products that either retard age or prevent aging. , We also had a huge number of customers asking for natural and organic product manufacturing that could promote both clean beauty and strong efficacy on the skin.

  • Skin Treatments

From rose quartz with natural oils to massage the face to at-home Plasma Treatments, customers are looking for products that are easy to carry and can provide them a natural look after application. In 2020 you’ll also find electrolytes in your skin-care products. Call them calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which “work together to help maintain skin’s optimal function, especially in maintaining hydration levels,”explains cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson founder of TheBeautyStat. With all the digital movement of none invasive and none chirurgical procedures trend in 2019, there is an undeniable interest of the public on complete treatments for the skin without the touch of a knife.  

  • Diversification

Not only actives and electrolytes will come on the next decade, many companies are also expanding their beauty product to drinks to keep the skin plump and the elasticity. Ampoules and encapsulated skincare will be a luxury highlight to follow mostly on skin preservation and anti aging products. Brands like Elizabeth ArdenEstée LauderBeauty Pie, and Eve Lom already offer encapsulated skin-care products. Beauty giant L’Oréal Paris is also launching Revitalift Derm Intensives 1.9% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules in March, 2020. Also products on stick, 3 in 1 and multi-purpose features have been hitting the market slowly on the past 2 years. The world will run fast and beauty will do too.

  • CBD

This is not news. CBD has been going on for a while now and beauty is not far from all that this specific ingredient has to offer. Truth is CBD based skincare won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Currently many brands like Beboe Therapies are developing serums and body care based on it’s anti-inflammatory proprieties, sleep better proprieties or blemish on the skin improvement proprieties. At Global Cosmetics we develop Hemp based CBD products and we are sure this is a trend that will continue growing as the CBD/Cannabis legislation still moving forward on many countries around the world.

  • Personalized Skincare

This trend is really special, brands like Curology, Function Of Beauty and Atolla are leading the bespoke beauty world. Basically, because what works for one skin sure don’t work for another skin, so creating products based on skin type and skin need is the best way to spoil customers and also make sure that they will come back to us. We also love the bespoke creation model and that’s why we use it at Global Cosmetics. Each customer is different and each one deserves a personalized unique solution for their needs. Cosmetics and beauty brands are using data, AI and many algorithm tools to give customers a more unique and individual experience, either is a product for a specific concern or a skin care line based on a specific theme, bespoke is a trend to follow by those who love the VIP.

  • Face Embellishments

Color cosmetics have evolved on the past 10 years on a unique way. The 80s, 90s and 2000s have their own description when it comes to color cosmetics. From strong shinny eye shadow under the eye to really slim eyebrows, the last 2 decades have had their own personality. 2020 won’t be different. Makeup lovers will keep looking for new ways to play with colors as social media streaming, lives and video will prevalence over pictures. Trends like highlighters and flawless glow will keep being ultimate as looking healthy with no makeup is everyone’s goal on social media and outside of it. Already brands like Fendi,  Helmut Lang, Prabal Gurung’s, Pamella Roland and Nicole Miller made this clear on the last Spring 2020 fashion show.

  • Less Is More

K-beauty and J-Beauty were taking the East during the past 3 years. Currently Asian trends like glass skin have gained strong interest in Europe and Unite States. Following the K-beauty routines and all kind of Facial Sheet masks for different skin purposes. Asia has been motivating the radiant and natural look and will keep leading this trend in the upcoming years. Mostly because social media these days is strongly saturated by makeup but in the real-world people is being more conscious about how their skin looks on real life. Also, customers are more aware about the emotional and individual changes of improving their appearance. New innovations on Foundations, Oils and Cleansers, and other skin products made for a healthy skin look will prevail.  

  • Sticks and Creams

Powders will always be part of the makeup 101. But brands like Max Factor and MILK Cosmetics have been changing the game for a while now. Creams and sticks compared to powders are trendier as it is not breakable, and also easy to carry. From small players like yes to! to big ones like L’oreal the “all on stick” is a trend to continue, also creams on the cheeks, lips and body shimmer will keep hitting the Instagram feed. As far as it concerns, products that can make life easier will always win. “Elimination of spills. Mini massage built into every application. Suddenly having lots of products that are like really big versions of ChapSticks, which is fun for some reason. Excellent on-the-go spot treating if you’re too lazy to moisturize from head-to-toe” are the things this new generation actually likes, says Erica Smith from The Cut.

  • Male Makeup

Koreans have a strong culture on male makeup and we had several brands asking for products like foundation for male. We worked on the last launch of the Sephora For Man collection in 2019. And after this experience we are sure this is a trend that will grow on the next decade. YES! Easter men are looking more into their lifestyles, their skincare and the feeling of “looking good”. Daniel Gray launched his proudly vegan, cruelty-free and produced-in-Britain men’s make-up brand War Paint almost two years ago. “Grooming has exploded,” he says. “There’s a massive market for this, and it looks set to grow. What we want men to realise is that, when you say make-up, we don’t just mean red lipstick. Make-up is putting a nice base on so that you can have an even skin tone and feel the best you can.”

  • Understanding Customers

Companies and entrepreneurs out there that want to create their own beauty business will lead a strong battle in the next decade. At Global Cosmetics we have received about 200 startups and entrepreneurs’ inquiries since we started our website the past 6 months. Most of them don’t make it. The beauty business is not only about a good product or a good sales channel, today we need to understand our target. Exceptional brands like Glossier are putting more effort into understanding their customer lifestyle and responding to their needs based on their mindset. Products that can be easy to carry, ecological, conscious, products that can make people feel special and understood. Also, the price point is related to the use, the market and the country. New brands need to have a strong business plan and think ahead as competence is getting tougher. Understanding your customer is the base for a strong long-lasting beauty brand. PSA: this trend will remain the next 100 years.

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