First Sensory Evaluation Team

First Sensory Evaluation Team was settle on June 31st with an intense training course taught by the IFSCC International Cosmetic Chemists Association.

Global Cosmetics technical department sent representatives to participate in an intense professional course taught by ISPE. Internationally renowned professors from the institution teach our team members how to do Sensory Evaluation. Therefore, they had the chance to share their personal experience and knowledge with our team.

The sensory quality of cosmetics is an important aspect of determining why and which cosmetics are favored by consumers. How to determine the correlation between certain physical properties and the general sensory response of consumers. Most importantly, to issue in the quality of cosmetics form first hand. The sensory evaluation technology can be used to detect the product quality perceived by human beings. Also, understand the functional and emotional needs of the product (sensory enjoyment), and specifically design and produce the product according to the ultimate goal of product quality for a more certain consumer satisfaction.

On June 13th, the sensory evaluation team set up a training course where the two deputy general managers personally attended and delivered a speech. Everyone was interested in listening to the lecturer’s preaching and actively participating. 

Global Cosmetics first Product Sensory Evaluation Team needs to train and screen out at least 30 highly trained and experienced members. After the establishment of this team, each product should be tested. Similarly, a systematic method for sensory evaluation should be established with the purpose of study how to recognize the skin care products’ feelings on the skin and turn them into objective data. 

Many brands have already established their own professional sensory evaluation team to apply the evaluation data to new product development and improvement of existing products. In fact, only the scientific and meticulous analysis of sensory analysis can truly ensure that the product’s performance meets customer expectations. 

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